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A Random Pattern

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Multiple Exposures

I had a very good commute today! (You won't hear me say such things often.) Like normal, I had my headphones on, and was listening to my iPod as I waited for the train. As it was pulling up, one of my songs en espanol came on. I really like most of the spanish tracks I have, though my vocabulary isn't great.

Anyways, as I got on the train, I realized the two guys opposite of me were signing. I couldn't help but watch, since my wife and I are trying hard to learn ASL. Eventually, at a break in their conversation (they had noticed me watching them closely), I identified myself and why I was watching. As soon as I began signing, I had their full attention. I then had a great conversation with them. I learned some new signs, and was able to keep up decently, which was good. This is definitely the kind of experience that Sara and I need more of.

One cool thing is that this is the second time this has happened to me! The first was a few months ago, again on the train, again listening to a Spanish song on my iPod when I noticed someone signing. In that instance, I was also writing (in English) on some work stuff. I laughed, quite pleased with my situation, because I am quite a lover of languages and communication, and to be dealing with 3 languages at once made me feel that my interest in languages was not in vain.