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A Random Pattern

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Podcast of the week

Once a week I'll share a Podcast that has caught my ear amid all the noise, and that I think might be a worthy listen for you too (especially if you have a long commute like I do).

This week's pick is Slashdot Review. SDR is an excellent example of a quality podcast. Many other podcasts I listen to, and even recommend, could learn from this gentleman's efforts.

What it is: 10 minute daily summary of news articles culled from Slashdot (news for geeks). The last 2 minutes are a song from an independent artist. I don't always like them, but I have yet to hate one, and I've even stumbled upon a new artist that I really like.

Why it's so good: Concise, focused, and consistent. I know what I'm going to hear each time, it's information that I want to hear, the sound quality is good, the volume is consistent, the filler music is used appropriately, and it's family-friendly. If you're interested in techy news items (he includes a brief smattering of world news at the beginning also), give it a try. He even has a bit-torrent feed, if you're a big-enough geek. :)