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A Random Pattern

Monday, July 18, 2005

Geek Speak Radio - Podcast of the week!

When I first tried out this show, I wasn't instantly hooked. However, I soon found myself listening to each new episode, and now I'm a devoted fan. This is one of those podcasts that really makes my commute fly by. Not only is it good, relaxing, and entertaining, but it's informative. Check out Geek Speak Radio, see if it fits you.

What it is: A long format show (around one hour normally), with a rambling, technical format. It's primarily aimed at geeks (No!!! Who would have guessed?!), but covers a lot of entertainment and media type items as well. There are a few hosts, and sometimes they do guest interviews also.

Why it's so good: Lots of topics, loosely related, good conversation and interaction between the hosts. I like that they're not strenously trying to "get anywhere", but just talking about the things they like. The show news and game station news is also good for me, since otherwise I'm not very plugged in to those worlds.

Hmmm, I suppose one of these days I should add a "Why it's not so good" or "What could be improved" paragraph to my writeups. Then again, maybe not. What do you guys think?