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A Random Pattern

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Think you're not rich?

Very provoking Q&A over on Yahoo Answers. Although lots of complications to the answer are skipped over, it's probably a pretty good gross approximation. Look at this little bit of the answer:
How much money (in US$) would I get if we divided up all the wealth in the world into equal amounts?
...for an individual share value of $6,685.92....
Alright, seriously, go read the answer in full. Then come back here.

Now, think about your net worth. Looking at where my viewership hails from, it's a pretty good bet that you're worth more than $6700. Not to mention you probably use / manage between 10 and 100 times that much wealth.

To me, this means I'm WAAYYYY above the wealth of the average human. Huh. Kinda makes you stop and think, I hope. So if you don't think you have money to give, or that it's not needed....

WAKE UP!!!! You are living in the lap of luxury, and if you can't afford to keep up with your neighbors, maybe you're looking at the wrong people as neighbors!