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A Random Pattern

Saturday, September 03, 2005

Time of Your Life

For those of you who have played any of the Myst video games, or read any of the books....
Cyan Worlds Layoff

Time of your life

Almost all of Cyan Worlds, Inc. was laid off today, including me. I know with the talent we have here people will find new places to go and do great things. It’s sad to see a company with such talented people to basicly expire. I don’t blame anyone for it happening. So today we had a company meeting in which Rand said some kind final words. Then we had a hamburger and goodbye gathering. Over the last few weeks leading to this point many of us had the hope that something would come up, but it didn’t happen. I will try to stay in Spokane as long as I can. I got some really good things going for me right now here and I hate to see that just dust in the wind.
So, as Green Days Time of Your life is playing on the company intercom system.

“Another turning point, a fork stuck in the road
Time grabs you by the wrist, directs you where to go
So make the best of this test, and don't ask why
It's not a question, but a lesson learned in time

It's something unpredictable, but in the end it's right.
I hope you had the time of your life.”

I did... (Raises glass) Here is to the future.

Truly a bittersweet announcement. Some people reading this found it difficult to be philosophical - I find it difficult not to be. At such times, then is our chance to escape the bland and mindlessness we can get trapped in. Then is our chance to really question the path that we're on, to see the limited time we have, to ponder if we will see what we want to see when we look back from the end of our lives. Have you actually faced the reality of where you are in life, compared to where you thought you would be? Are you on the right path?