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A Random Pattern

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Podcast of the week - and fresh site KJ52.com

J-52 is the first to admit that his gig doesn't make much sense.

"A white dude from the suburbs and inner city of Florida doing Christian rap and driving a minivan?" KJ says. "None of that makes sense. No one says, 'That's the formula, right there!' But at the end of the day, it just proves that God did it."

The absurdity of his situation hasn't stopped him from becoming one of the hottest rappers on the Christian hiphop scene..

This artist rocks - he's got a great song about Mountain Dew ("Oh, what am I gonna do, I'm addicted to Mountain Dew, when I drink like one or two, people say What's wrong with you...). Seriously, dude's got some skills. He's not afraid to have some fun, either. But what's awesome is he podcasts several times a week. Listen to the "Walmart saved my life" podcast. My wife and I cracked up listening to this!