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Sunday, October 23, 2005

Miers Nomination

For the record:

I support the Miers nomination. It's simple, really. Not to mention that it doesn't much matter. Not to mention that not only I, but 95% of the people posting their opinions on the web are drastically under-qualified to even comment on Mier's qualification or lack thereof.

Yes, it is simple. Bush nominated her. Dr. Dobson supports her. And there are plenty of smart, even qualified, people on both sides of this issue. Who's really surprised, anyways? We all knew this nominee was going to be a huge battle, well before anyone knew who it was. I don't really care about all the politics, and insulted people, and everyone who wants their opinion counted so they can be a power player. I want the kind of person Bush has promised he'd put on the court - and with every nominee previous to this, he's apparently lived up to that. Even those sounding off now aren't arguing that. So why the sudden fear that he's changed tack or lost heart at the last moment, the most critical decision (possibly) of his presidency? Does that really make sense with what you know of our president?

Nope - that doesn't fit at all. Too many of you have the weak stomachs you're accusing the president of - that's my opinion.

I will add that it's not without some trepidation that I support her - but were she to have the necessary things in place to remove my trepidation, there'd be almost no way she'd get confirmed. ;) At least no one seems to be understating the importance of this nomination...