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A Random Pattern

Sunday, May 29, 2005

Stream Of Consciousness

Hey, probably not a real stream but I thought I'd give a try, you know, why not - I can't think of anything I want to write about for more than one sentence anyways. Being inspired by CARS is a scary thing, but that's where I got this whole stream of consciousness idea. So we're going to rearrange our living room, move the couch around, see if we can get some more space. There's no good Apple rumors flying around, on account of it being the weekend and all. I wonder how many of you are travelling this holiday weekend (memorial day is Monday)? We're not, we're staying home and "relaxing". By which I mean trying to clean up this wreck. I'm not very good at cleaning up, as my mom well knows. The girls are sleeping, which sounds like a good idea. I'm trying to get my brain ramped up to think about improvements to one of my work databases.
You know, I think my brain is like a pentium chip running windows. It used to be like a Mac on a PPC, but....let me explain. The other day I trying to rest, but I also wanted to mull over this database thing and figured out what I wanted to do next, which features to implement and such. Now it used to be I could just charge right in to thinking these high-powered, focused things, and turn it on and off like putting a Powerbook to sleep and waking it back up. But now it's more like my beat up Inspiron from work. If I want to think about something, I've got to spin my brain up for a good minute or so before I can get anywhere, then I've got to stay on task. If I decide to rest, well, I've got to shut all the way down on thinking, or I'll just drain the battery.
Ok, enough of that bad analogy. So I'm going to work on posting some actual relevant, coherent thoughts this week. I'll try to start adding links to cool things I find on the web, also. Then maybe in a week or two I'll work on adding pictures.