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A Random Pattern

Monday, July 10, 2006

Fancy Fireworks Fotos

After some inspiration courtesy of www.fury.com, I set off with family in tow....

Actually they set off with me in tow....

Anyways, as we watched fireworks booming overhead, I saw it all on a tiny lcd screen. Clicking frantically, waving the camera in the air, accidentally turning on flash (I'm sure everyone on the lawn LOOOVED that), the very definition of an American holiday.

The end results are available online in our Picasa photo album. Give'em a look-see, let me know what you think. I'm thinking there's a few marginally good ones in there.

Thanks for the inspiration, Rachel!

p.s. Yes, I know it's spelled photo, not foto. :P

p.s.s. Yes, I know I need to crop and cut and otherwise pretty up my shots. I figured if I didn't just pick the good ones and put them up now, it'd never happen. So deal. :D