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A Random Pattern

Saturday, July 16, 2005

Party Time and a Sick Munchkin

Guess who? If you read the previous post, you are probably guessing right...it's Sara of course. I know you were all waiting anxiously to hear from me! :)

Today we were invited by Uncle John and Aunt Emma to a party for one of his employees. She turned 40. Her husband threw her a huge party with lots of food. He happens to be deaf...so UJ invited us to meet him. Evidently, he's talked to Toni (the birthday girl) about Tessa a lot...and she's talked to him about her husband quite a bit as well. We went and got to meet quite a few deaf people. It was amazing to watch how fast they signed. When they were signing to each other, I couldn't catch very much of what they were saying, but when they signed with us, they were slow enough that I understood most of it. I'm still far behind on fingerspelling, but I'm not surprised. That will take us a while to master. Tessa had a blast! It was VERY hot, so she played in the sprinkler with the other kids there. We ate lots of good food and had some good conversations. We spoke with one guy, Anthony, about how being deaf was like being in the Matrix. We needed to help Tessa "crack the code" so she could communicate with both cultures. We also received many compliments on our desire to communicate with Tessa through sign. It's a hard thing for the Deaf culture to feel like it's going to be gone because of the cochlear implant, so I think it gives them hope when they see a family that has a child with a CI signing relatively proficiently (well...better than most parents, I suppose) with their child.

I'm happy to say that Selah is feeling much better today, which made the party much more bearable I'm sure. Since the beginning of this week, she's been feeling pretty miserable. I took her to the dr. on Wednesday becuase she wasn't eating much (maybe 6oz. a day) and slept the entire day on Tuesday and Wednesday. They said she had a virus as well as a slight case of anemia and a moderate case of eczema. Poor girl. We've been dealing with pretty gross diapers, but I am happy to report that those are done with (which is a good thing, because it was getting old VERY fast). The amazing thing is that until yesterday Selah wasn't acting cranky at all. She's slept through the night every night this week, but one. I'm wondering if she'll keep that up now that she's not sick anymore. One can hope, right?

Well, suppose that I better be hitting the sack...because I wouldn't be surprised if Selah wakes me up in the middle of the night tonight. Can't say I'm disappointed that she has her appetite back, though it does have it downfalls. Enjoy the rest of the weekend!